Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Nepal Tour & Trekking Services P. Ltd. recommends that you should review all terms and conditions of our company. Details of the terms of the booking contract are listed below. Be sure to read them carefully. A legally required contract is concluded immediately after booking a trip, and we accept it. After submitting a reservation form or completing one online, you or someone booking the trip agrees to accept all terms. It means that you are well informed about relevant information and general information about the trip. You also confirm that you have provided complete and accurate information on the reservation form.

Package Prices

The package cost is the cost stated for one of the trips, and all cost inclusions and exclusions are listed in the travel offer. These package prices are mainly based on land costs, airfares, and exchange rates. We try not to increase travel prices, but sometimes the price increase is beyond its control. We have a right to change the costs of your tour at any time without notice, including the departure date. The changes can be due to various reasons, e.g., B. Exchange rate fluctuations, fuel price increases, airfare, airport fees, seasonal price changes, etc.

Booking and Payment

To reserve your package, you must pay 25% of the total cost of the trip when booking the package. Please note that 25% of the total cost of the trip paid during the reservation is non-refundable. The amount must be paid to us 30 days before travel days. You can pay the remaining amount in cash or by bank transfer. We have the right to cancel your reservation without notice and a deposit refund if you do not pay before this date. Please also note that prices are in US dollars (USD).

The reservation must be made a minimum of 40 days before the start of the trip for individual trips. If you take a travel package to Bhutan and Tibet, you will have to pay 100% of the travel cost when booking the tour. You must send the form to our office via email (scanned copy) after you have signed it and 25% of the travel price.

Last-minute booking

The last-minute booking is intended for customers who, for many reasons, we're unable to book a regular trip. However, you would like to confirm your travel reservation in no time. We established special booking provisions for trips to Nepal. Your last minute reservation is accepted with 100% of travel costs within 24 hours. We are also always ready to go on the journey to Nepal almost at any time. You can contact us at +9779851016865 or send us an email. However, in the case of a trip to Tibet and Bhutan, we cannot accept last minute bookings.

Cancellation and Refund

If you cancel your trip with payment after booking, you will be charged as below:

Cancellation 30 (1 month) days before departure - 5%

Cancellation 15 - 29 days (3 - 4 weeks) before departure - 40%

Cancellation 07-14 days (2 weeks) before departure - 75%

Cancellation 07 or fewer days (less than a week) before departure: 100%

If you wish to make changes to your itinerary after confirming your reservation, you must inform us in writing at least 15 days before departure. 20% of the total cost will be charged to cover the cancellation costs of the reservation. The damages resulting from changing your reservation will be sent to you. Changes made 15 days or less before the departure date will be considered a cancellation of your original booking, and the indicated cancellation fees will apply.

Unused airline tickets, accommodation, or other travel activities, services, or features will not be refunded or compensated. There is a general reference to the itinerary for each adventure vacation, the accommodation used, the price, the passport and visa requirements, and the health procedures. As a guide, they are not a contractual obligation of the company. Changes may be made to some or all of them at any time, and we will notify you of changes that we become aware of as soon as reasonably possible. Most vacations have detailed itineraries that can be downloaded from our website or sent on request. We recommend that you read these instructions carefully before each reservation to ensure that you understand the type of vacation and what is and is not included in the price. If you have made a reservation and after reading the itinerary, you feel that you have not fully understood the details of the holiday; you can cancel your reservation without penalty. We can refund the full amount you have paid us. This type of cancellation is only allowed during the seven days after sending the travel routes. Such cancellation is not allowed if your reservation is made less than eight weeks before the start of the trip.

All tours of Tibet are conducted exclusively by the Tibet Tourism Authority. Our agents or we are not responsible for changes or cancellation programs due to unavoidable circumstances such as road closures, snow, political unrest, floods, flight cancellations, illnesses, late arrivals, or accidents or changes imposed by the Tibet Tourism Authority. Customers must bear the resulting additional costs. Therefore, we recommend that you obtain full health, personal, and cancellation insurance and ensure that your planned activities are fully covered.


If you wish to extend your trip for up to one year without cancellation, you must notify us by email at least two weeks before the start of the journey. You must also pay the additional amount if the cost of the trip increases due to increases in various things.

Your deposit and payments will be fully refunded when we cancel your trip. However, the reasonable cost we compensate for your trip will be deducted from your deposit if we cancel your trip due to a civil war, natural disaster, or other unpredictable natural or artificial circumstance that is beyond our control.

Passport & Nepal Visas

Travelers must have a valid passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of return. You can obtain your Nepal visa upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport or the Nepalese embassies or consulates in your country. It is your responsibility to obtain a Nepalese visa.

Note: Residents of countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Cameroon, Swaziland, Iraq, Ethiopia, Liberia, and Palestine do not receive a visa at the entry point for Nepal.

Travel Insurance

Our company pays insurance for all our employees (Trekking guides, porters, Sherpa, and driver). But clients must manage their insurance themselves. Clients must send us their insurance documents before traveling.

Acceptance of Risk and Liabilities

We are dedicated to offering the best service to make your trip unforgettable and happy. Please note that our sister organizations and we are not responsible for route changes caused by unavoidable situations beyond our control, such as natural disasters, road closures, regulatory restrictions, political unrest, flight delays or cancellations, illness, or accidents. We wish you to know that we are not responsible for all risks, such as damage, injury, or death that result from the natural dangers that arise during the trip.

Please understand that adventure vacations are associated with certain dangers that you have to accept at your own risk. The company is not responsible for any illness, injury, or death that may have occurred during a trip, trekking, or tour other than negligence or liability for uninsured loss of your property. We are not responsible for any loss, damage, or accident in the luggage or items that are transported at any time at their own risk, even if they are carried by porter or pack animals.

Health and Fitness Condition

The traveler must be in good health and good physical shape. You must tell us before you leave if you have any medical problems. We generally organize our trips in remote areas where you may not have regular medical services or hospital facilities. Evacuation can be lengthy, complicated, and expensive if necessary. Please note that medical costs and evacuation costs are the responsibility of the traveler.

Tour Leader Authority

If you have signed our reservation form, this underlines your acceptance to accept the authority of the tour guide representing. The leader of behavior, itinerary, and travel destinations is crucial. If the leader determines that their behavior or physical condition is not safe for the safety, health, and well-being of other group members, they may be asked to leave the trip. You are not entitled to a refund for unused services if the manager makes this decision.


The contract between our company and you shall be subject to the laws of Nepal under the jurisdiction of the government of Nepal.

We are Associate and Certified

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